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    Did you attend a card show you saw here? Please read this

    Hi everyone,
    We are looking for reviews of card shows posted in the events forum and possibly some that are not. Please pm us with the review of the show you attended. If you like we can see if the SCF Magazine could use it for their magazine as well. Here are some things that people might want to know about the show.

    Selection of cards overall (variety)
    Does the show emphasize one sport over another
    Selection of Wax Boxes
    Prices on Wax Boxes (better than at hobby stores, ebay, etc)
    Prices on cards from the show (FULL BOOK, HALF BOOK, etc)
    Do they have signers
    Admission price to get in
    Overall Experience
    Any Raffle or Prizes
    Friendliness of the Dealers'
    Share pictures of the shows?
    Show video of (possible box breaks, member met, etc.)?

    If you have any questions please let us know by posting here or pm'ing us (Doniceage or Kencope) to help you post about your show. Thanks for taking the time to post about any show.

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