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    new cards up on my site((palmer, moss, grossman))

    Hey everyone... I took tonight and just sorta redid my site and took out some stuff.. I bought some new jerseys with ""christmas"" Money and i also reorganized and added cards to my rookie and unique collection

    Check it out and see if ya need anything.

    I am ONLY looking for packer cards of equal value for starters.. Daynes too of course :) ones that i dont have. I may trade for things outside that but probly not also on my www


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    please talk to me on aol about the johnson and thomas gu, i am dh5123 or pm me

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    i have several dayne cards if you need them here is a short list wantlist is in my signature..

    ron dayne***********
    2000,topps stars,rookie,card#164/nm
    2000,impact rookie,card#67/nm
    2000,fleer tradition,rookie,card#323/nm
    2000,upper deck mvp,rookie,card#199/nm
    2000,upper deck atar rookie,card#241/nm
    2000,fleer tradition,rookie retro,card#2/10rr
    2000,metal hot commodities rookie,card#7/10/hc
    I Collect Cleveland Browns/Nascar( Austin DIllon).

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