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    1990 Donruss PSA 9 Sammy Sosa RC.....


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    I need it...what are you looking for for it? how much in BV?

    lemme know!


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    2003 Playoff Abs Memoribilia Jermaine Dye AUTO

    BV on that is $20...I can't imagine that the grade of 9 more than doubles the value of the Sosa...meaning it would be worth at most $16

    lemme know


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    is that what beckett lists it at? not questioning your price...just curious as to how one can find prices on graded cards! I have a few I'd like to find the price of!

    I can offer you the Jermaine Dye AUTO ($20) and a 2003 Bowmans Best FY AU RC Scott Tyler ($10)

    lemme know!


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    ya the graded cards r listed in the back....dont need those autos sorry

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