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    Post just opened 3 packs of 03-04 Flair, for CC sale

    any of these will be sold for CC except the Sweetney insert. I got:
    Mike Sweetney "Wave of the Futre"
    Allen Iverson
    G Payton
    Y Ming
    P Pierce
    D Nowitki
    J Stackhouse
    C Butler
    M Finley
    R Wallace
    E Brand
    A Kirelenko
    J Magloire
    K Malone

    I bought it for $3.99 I will sell it back all shipped (w/o Sweetney) for 170CC or sell individually. All offers responded to. PLMK

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    can u ship international?
    if u can i need the ming,and iverson

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    If I ship internationally due to higher rates all I ask if to sell the entire lot. I will add a Yao "All Stars" insert from 03-04 Victory to this lot and ship it all internationally for 160CC. Please let me know if thats okay. If not I will sell the Yao and Iversons on there own but I due to shipping I would need 50CC for them shipped. Please let me know

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    What do you want for the Sweetney? I could pay with cc or make a trade with something else.

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    What do you want for the Sweetney? I could pay in cc or make a trade offer with guys that you would want. Let me know

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