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Thread: my updated trade site

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    i'mm intersed in this Tracy McGrady 01*02 UD Playmakers Players Club Warm Up (warm up jersey piece is black) TM-W #d 205/350 BV $ i've got some football gued plmk

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    stalking wolf, I would trade it for these cards:

    02 Flair Franchise Favorites LaDainian Tomlison **2/color
    02 Fleer Genuie TD threats Couch/Culpepper (each 2/color)


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    T McGrady UD Playmakers Players Club Warm Up #d 205/350
    Allen Iverson 02-03 UD Glass VIP Access jersey card
    lmk? thanks, russ

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    I have a Sosa RC, i will have to find it but I think it is Fleer or Leaf, i know it books at $10.00 and it is in perfect condition let me know if your interested.

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    nuttynelly, could you pm me with a list of your cars I can't tell what some of them are by the scans.

    Hooperstar, I can use the sosa rc whether it's fleer or leaf. I believe i's fleer because the leaf rc books around $80 LMK what your looking for

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    that is a big list. what sport & players are you interested in?
    lmk? thanks, russ

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    nuttynelly, that is a lot of gu. THere is actually a few cars that I am interested in. Is htere anything else of mine besides the mcgrady that your interested in? LMK

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    really interested in
    mcgrady & iverson

    a little interested in the
    b davis gu card

    lmk? thank, russ

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