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    Hemsky & Nash UD Artistic Impreesions RC 4 Trade

    Nice RC's have a few other from the set PLMK if you need them.


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    I'll take the Nash, I assume you are looking for Doug Weight, I have some rookies and inserts even base I can find if you are interested

    Please let me know



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    What other rookies do you have from the set? I'd like the nash along with the hemsky but I'd feel bad taking that away from Ricknashcollector. If you dont work anything out with him, I would like to make that trade. I have:

    01-02 Vanguard Weight Blue Variation #'d/89
    01-02 Vanguard Weight Quebec Tournament Heroes

    and if you'd take it, I have a Pletka 01-02 UD Challenge for the Cup rookie I'm trying to include in a trade to even it out. Also I'm interested in Brodeur so if you have anything of him that I dont have I'd be interested.

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    Also have Richard Wallin (Wild), Jim Fahey (Sharks), and Anton Volchenkov (Sens). Would really like to trade for Ray Emery (Sens goalie) if anyone has one

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