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    Smile 2003 Certified Clemente Jersey for sale or trade.

    Accept Money Orders Only!
    Only looking for a 120.00 Auto Equivlant to Clementes Jersey Value
    Full Description:
    2003 Leaf Certified Fabric of the Game Roberto Clemente Game Worn Jersey Card 44/69 Bv 120.00 Cut from A 69' Jersey He Wore.

    Please give me your best offers ethier auto or cash wise...
    Please ethier email me at or leave a lmk on this trade page.
    Thanks, Zlw1
    Also if you need to reach me im on aim. porsche6carrera

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    Also, it doesn't have to be 120.00 auto excatly, but need something worth a clemente jersey...
    Thanks Again, Zlw1

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