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    l can use some help w/a few graded prices

    Can anyone tell me what Beckett has for these 3:
    98 Topps Chrome Vince Carter #199 PSA 9
    99 SP Authentic Jonathan Bender #95 PSA 8
    99 Topps Chrome Elton Brand #115 PSA 9


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    Someone help Yankee out. :)

    I would Yankee but I only have a Football and Baseball beckett on hand right now.


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    hey cws welcome to the boards and I will def. be doing some business with you.

    you will like the business here.

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    Thanks for welcoming me. I've only been here less than a day and I'm enjoying reading all the posts.

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    You are very welcome, make you put a link to your store in the area where is it says sites and auctions and then if you also put a link to your store in the main site too, and maybe put a banner of your store on the site as well, you have to talk to Bgray the admin about that though.

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    I just joined about 15 hours ago and I should have all that soon. I'm actually waiting for some business card size magnets with my company logo, URL, address, phone #, diffferent items sold, etc. coming in today. Once that comes in I'll scan the magnet in and use it as my logo here. Then I have to ask Bryan about a couple of the other things you mentioned.

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    cool, so in the mean time, take out your coat and stay awhile.

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    Seeing that I live in Texas and it's 90+ degrees I don't think I'll be wearing a coat anytime soon.

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