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    Trading for Darius Songaila cards

    He was a 2nd-rd pick by the Celtics out of Wake Forest last year, and played in Russia this past season. I'm not sure if there are any major-brand cards of him, but I know companies like Press Pass, etc. have made cards. They should be cheap, so let me know what you have to unload. Thanks!

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    hey, a post like this is supposed to go in the trading zone part of the forum. im not a mod to tell u this. but a mod will sooner or later :)

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    Thanks - thought that's where I was, the titles are similar.

    To Big Brother - can you just move this post to the proper location? Thanks.

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    Well then, if you've never heard of him, I guess I won't trade you anything for the nothing that you have, and it's an even swap of nothing.

    I LOVE sarcasm. Sorry, but I couldn't help it - why would you even bother posting that you've never heard of him?

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    got his sage red auto bv is like 10 lmk autos u have thanks

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    I have his Sage auto and his UD HArdcourt RC. I am looking to sell them. Will sell very cheap. Maybe $5-10 dlvd for both.

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    Vince - I don't have any hoops autos, is there anything else that might interest you? If you want to escalate the trade, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to go after this one: 02-03 Ud superstars triple gu Michael Vick/Jason Terry/Chipper Jones #68/250 - that would rock for me here in Atlanta. What's BV?

    I have some RCs to swap, like a Chrome Vince Carter PSA 9, SP Authentic Jonathan Bender PSA 8, and a few of those Bender cards ungraded.

    I have baseball GU, including a few autos. LMK.

    Only looking to trade, thanks.

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    Well, can you get me a list? I'd definitely be interested in trading as well.

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    What's book on the 2 Songaila's you have? I'll see what I have in that price range.

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