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Thread: Got a 1/1, show it off...

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    I got this JJ Watt in a Playbook Case break last week Attachment 69855

    Attachment 69854
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    Doug Martin 1/1topps finest superfractor!!!

    I know I already posted this, but I am now in the right forum. Doug Martin 1/1 superfractor topps finest.

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    I hope this works right. I'm still learning the attachments. But I hit this bad boy in a box break on Friday! Waiting for it to come in the mail. So this is just a scan from the site. Attachment 69923

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    '11 Bowman Sterling Randall Cobb 2-CLR PATCH REFLECTION 1/1

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    Picked this up a while ago, but haven't bragged yet...

    BUCKET: Hidden Content

    Always looking to add to my Giants PC and Inception PC.

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    I have these two:

    I'm looking for Cam Newton, A.J. Green, Terrance Williams
    Cam Newton Super Collection
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    Hidden Content

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    i have these:

    Looking for Cowboys, Andy Dalton & TCU guys(Tomlinson, Doctson, Boykin, etc.)
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    Hidden Content

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    Some incredible stuff people!!!!


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