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    Dan Marino Autographed C-Card UDA f\t

    I have a 1994 Upper Deck SP "Record Breakers" Dan Marino Autographed C Crad. It is a beutiful Die cut card w\ a bold blue sharpie auto & is certified by UDA. This card has a UDA hologram on the back that has a serial number that matches the Hologram on the cert. It is #d 1234/2500 & initialy sold for 99.95. I am looking to get 70-80 trade for it in G\U, Autos & or rcs.
    I can send a scan if interested.
    PLMK IF you are interested.

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    my email is curently on available is there anyway u could pm it to me

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    Any idea when it may be back up? I cannot figure out a way to attach it to a pm

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    no not really wat about editing and posting it in ure thread u can do it that way

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    ill explain...when you click edit scroll down underneath the text box and there will be a button that says browse clikc on that button. go to the folder where you have te pic saved at select that picture and oyou should be completed

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