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    Klutch Cards Selling and Trading!

    Hi, Hows it going?

    I'm Charlie K. A avid collector and seller of baseball cards (mainly, but I do have some others in there obviously. :)), mainly newer and some older cards dating back to the mid 80's. I've been dealing with cards for quite some time now, and am an avid collector and probably will always be..

    The list here, is my list of cards that are willing to be traded and sold. Anyone interested in anything can contect me at or CharlieKlutch on AOL IM.

    Everything is negotiable, I'm not set on anything until I talk to another collector about what they want and looking for.

    Enough with the rambling, THE LIST!

    Electric Upper Deck 1995, Eric Metcalf, #107
    Classic 1996, Marshall Faulk, #79
    Upper Deck 1995, Michael Westbrook, #4
    Upper Deck 1995, Randall Cunningham, #90
    Classic 1996, Steve McNair, #76
    Upper Deck 1995, Jim Kelly, #129
    Star Pics 1991, Barry Sanders, #2
    Upper Deck 1995, Steve Young, #100
    Pro Set 1992, Jeff George, #524
    Upper Deck 1995, Drew Bledsoe, #132

    As I said, I'm a baseball card collector, but slowly getting into football. Currently, I'm sorting through a full set of cards that will be posted at a later date for trade and sale. Theres allot of cards in the set, so I figured I'd give the people what I have now :).

    Thank you for your time,

    -Charlie K.

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    welcome aboard........
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Boston College Eagles/ROOKIES,Patches/Autos


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    Why so many '....' though?

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    Hey Klutch! Welcome to the forum! :D

    Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any issues or questions with the site.

    SCF Founder
    BIG Props to everyone at SCF as you chase 14 Million posts!

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    Alright Bgray, but none so far. Thanks though!

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