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    Looking for Anquan Boldin and Charles Rogers RCs

    I am looking to trade for higher end Anquan Boldin and Charles Rogers rookie cards. PLMK what you have and what you want in return. Thanks for any help

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    i have the 03 ultra boldin and a 03 press pass

    what do u want for these/ what do they book?
    03 Bowmans Best Willis McGahee RC JSY
    03 Topps Chrome McGahee Rc

    lmk thanx Jared

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    Hi Jared

    I like the 03 Ultra Boldin RC. Do you see anything you like on the top half of my tradepage? The McGahee RCs are not for trade. I have a double of the Bowmans Best JSY but would need a higher end RC for it.

    LMK, Pete

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    03 Topps Chrome Charles Rogers RC...have any portis or andre johnson?

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    what does the mcgahee bowmans best book??? do u have ne other mcgahee dupes... thanx jared

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    portisfan-I have the Topps Chrome Rogers RC, Topps Chrome was all I busted this year.

    Jared-The Bowmans Best is $15. I don't have any other McGahee RCs. LMK what you want to do.


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    i have a 2003 mvp silver charles rogers rc. the last time i checked it booked $15. do you have any rc/gu of the guys in my sig? lmk

    also looking for portis and tomlinson stuff

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