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Thread: Box Breaks Videos Archives

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    Box Breaks Videos Archives

    Post all the box break videos you find in here so we can all enjoy them.

    06/07 UD Trilogy Hockey Box Break

    06/07 Fleer Hot Prospects Hockey Box Break

    06/07 SPx Hockey Box Break

    2006/07 UD The CUP Hockey Box Break

    2006/07 UD Ultimate Collection Hockey Box Break

    Jack's 3 Box 07/08 UD Artifacts Hockey Box Break

    2007 o-pee-chee hockey box break


    2006-2007 UD series 1 hockey box break

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    Box Breaks Videos Archives

    Hope that the title pretty much explains it all.

    As some of you know, I run a small business on the side here in Canada and I recently had a large order of supplies from a customer.

    I had a couple of 06/07 Sweet Shot boxes lying around, so I thought, what the heck, get a pair of 07/08 Sweet Shot boxes and save one tin of each to store my Roy and Gretzky PC items.

    So, I'll be having a live break here at 8:30 pm (-5 GMT) of the 4 boxes.

    The video of the break will be posted at youtube and I will try to embed the video here in the first post.

    I will also post scans in this first post here afterwards.


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    I need to start buying some cards so I can do this

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    Where do you get these boxes from and how much.

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