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    GU\Patch\Auto lot. bv $119.25. will trade at les than 20%

    I am looking for one $15-25 g\u, auto or rc for the following lot . This lots tbv is $119.25, but I will trade at a a fraction of that to get a g\u, auto or rc I like. I collect fb, bb & bkb & am not too picky about what player I recieve in return, just a player I like.
    Heres the lot:
    03 Sweet Spot Classics George Foster Patch bv $10
    02 Heads Up FB Cardinals G\U quad bv $15
    91-92 Hoops M. Jordan Slam Dunk BV $15
    02 Upper Deck Dunkvision Kobe bv $8
    02 Upper Deck Nick Van Exel Auto (In Person) bv ??
    02 Upper Deck I Love LA Shaq bv $5
    03-04 Fleer Tradition RC Trio Petrus\Gaines\Jones bv $5
    03-04 Fleer Tradition Kirk Hinrich Playground Rules bv $4
    03-04 Fleer Tradition Mickel Pietrus rc bv $3
    03-04 Fleer tradition Marcus Banks bv $4
    some sort of Jason Kidd scoreboard promo bv ??
    99 UD Gold Bernie Williams Gold bv $4
    02 Topps Gallery Killabrew RET SP
    02 Fleer Tradition Base cards: Jeter & Pujols
    03 Diamond Kings Juan Gonzolez, Bernie Williams & Pedro
    02 Topps Gold Label Hank Blalock
    other base
    Tim Duncan 2
    Vince Carter 2
    Paul Pierce 2
    Kobe 3
    Yao 3
    Amare 1
    KMart 2
    B Davis 1
    Steve Francis 1
    PLMK & Thanks,

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    i got a 02 fleer platinum platinum portraits randy moss g/u. lmk if you could use it. thanks billy
    Looking for rookie cards in baseball football and hockey

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    Please check out my site, I'd definitely be interested.

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    brj38464: DANG! I traded it just before I saw this. I'll try to put a simular lot together for you for the Moss & PM it to you to see if it is acceptable.

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    sure send me a list. thanks billy
    Looking for rookie cards in baseball football and hockey

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