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    My $1 lists, please take a look

    In order to raise enough money to expand my GU and Auto Collections, I am selling hundreds of cards for $1 a peice, below are two lists, one has star cards, and the other RC's and Prospect Cards, please check them both, and you like any of them, lmk, thanks

    $1 Card Site
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    yeah it doesn't work but i clicked on his WWW and then saw links to the $1 lists and it worked for me!

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    yes, I deleted the AOL Pages and created an entire site for the $1 cards, here is a link to that site, sorry about that, and I will edit the first post and change it, thanks

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    The Site works fine for me, your server might not be able to handle freewebs html possibly, try opening it on Internet Explorer, it should work then. Also, weren't we working on a Vince Carter GU Warm up deal? what happened there?

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