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    Want to collect Antawn Jamison!

    hi take all cards of him!So let me know what you have!

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    need this:
    UD encore

    What do you search fo`r???

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    check my site I have some listed. Thanks and let me know what you have of tmac,carter or iverson thanks

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    ive got two nice UD patches

    02-03 UD Numbers T-Mac $160
    99-00 UD Game Jersey Patch Grant Hill -$350

    lookin for highend autos

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    @TROYSCARDS:sorry nothing for me

    @bdrr:woow i am not interested in the patches but in your KG AU cards!do you trade or sell them?

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    im not looking to move my garnetts right now, sorry

    i saw in your sig that you wanted UD Patches, so thats why i listed em


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    oh aside from that stuff...i actually do have a nice jamison

    98-99 Flair Showcase Row 1 /1500 BV $48

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    i have
    2000 upper deck pros and prospects
    2000 hoops (2)
    2000 hoops up tempo 9 of 15 ut
    2001 fleer tradition

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