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Thread: game used items

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    game used items

    does anyone have any game used football items to trade? like game used gloves, wristbands, etc. i have alot of signed cards to trade. i get them at the hotel or stadium. i also can buy. let me know.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    i have a tommy maddox used wristband and towel from training camp both are also autod
    also a anthony wright used wristband from training camp when he was a steeler
    would trade for gud cards but no autos unless authentic

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    are you interested in baseball GU? i only have 1 GU for football. are you selling them?

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    i would put them on ebay if you wish but i dont really like baseball would sell for like $100 maybe what is the most you would pay and for which ones would you want?

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    i don't think that is fair. it is way overpriced. what do you think other ppl in this forum? How much for just the wright?

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