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    03-04 Flair World Leaders Garnett Jersey f\t

    Not a big KG fan. Looking for a $25-30 jsy, rc or auto of a player I like for it. I collect fb, bb & bkb. Would like a Vick, Manning, Sosa, McGwire, Bonds, Ripken, TMac or Maybe an Iverson in the same price range for it, but I am open to other offers.
    PLMK & Happy Holidays,
    p.s. Can send a scan if interested.

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    unnumbered garnett jerseys are coming out between $15-20, occassionally the ones with long odds hit $25...

    i would probably trade BV $20 GAME USED for it, take a look at my site

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    The only thing I saw I liked where the K Mart & Francis autos in the $20-25 range & I know you dont trade autos for g\u. If you are willing to trade one of those autos & need a little $$$$ as a kicker along with the KG Jsy, plmk.

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    no prob. I'll check occasionaly to see if anything catches my eyer

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    I like these, what are the bvs on the fb & prince auto?
    02 Flair Franchise Favorites LaDainian Tomlison **2/color**
    02 Fleer Genuie TD threats Couch/Culpepper (each 2/color)*
    01-02 Fleer Premium Premium Performers Allen Iverson bv 25
    01-02 Stdium Club Frequent Flyers Paul Pierce /700 bv 15 htg
    02/03 upper deck Inspirations tayshaun prince auto

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    hey i updated my site football gued are my brothers not for trade a.i is in a set paul is htg and i collect prince any thing else

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