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    Jerseys, Patch cards + f\t at half book!

    I have the following cards that I would trade at half book towards a g\u, auto or rc that I like.
    03 Sweet Spot Classics Patch Kirby Puckett bv $15
    95 Upper Deck All Star comm Promo Nolan Ryan bv $15
    03-04 Fleer Tradition Marcus Banks Throwback Threads bv $15
    02-03 Authentix Ripped Elton Brand jsy bv $15
    tbv is $60, would take one $25-30 jsy of a player I like for the lot, or 1 $15 of someone I like for any two above.
    I colloect bb, bkb & fb.
    PLMK & Thanks

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    please post all buy/sell/trade in the TRADING FORUM

    I am moving this over to there


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    In baseball and Football, what players are you looking for?

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    Baseball: Bonds, Jeter, ARod, McGwire, Ripken, Prior, but I am flexable
    fb: Vick, Manning, Roy Williams, Faulk, Holmes, bit I am flexable

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