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Thread: New Trade Manager Tutorial

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    This will not happen via trade. If you were to sell your insert and then gather money to buy cards, I think this is the only way you can acheive this. But even selling common insert is not easy as it's common. If I pay 400$ + for a the cup boxe with six cards, why would I want to trade a card for 2-5$ insert. I rather keep it to trade it down the road for a other similar cards. Mainly the cheapest way to get high end is to buy single and wait for a deal on ebay. I do buy low, mid and high end and when trading I always expect to have similar cards. Mainly I will not trade a cup rookie BV 50$ for insert but I will trade it for a carey price serial auto for instance. Mainly I rather keep these cards because I know tdown the road I will be able to trade it.

    One common thing about mid and high end, is that wou will always find someone who want to trade for it but if you wait a bit, you can land a deal you feel good about and collector know this. You enever have too much mid and high end trader. So why let them go for lower end insert, just does not make sense much since you ineverted a lot of money when buying the boxes.

    For instance I have 4,700 traders, mainly Insert, parallel, RC, auto, memorabilia and serial cards. Out of them I have 153 auto, 263 memorabilia, 364 serial, 1,178 are rookies. Now if I look at BV, only 22 book 50 or more. 91 book between 25$ and 49$, That is less then 3% of all my trader that book 25$ plus. Why Would I trade them for what I have in quantity already. Just does not make any sense realy and this is why most collector know this rule and do not expect to trade up and when a collector will give some cards that book for more, they will if you give more in BV, more foten then not. But this will not happen that often. High end cards can be really attractive but they cost money to aquire. So all in all it;s always a question of demand. For lower inserts, there are so many and the demand is low. For High end, there are so few and the demand is high.
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    Thanks for the reply. I messed up in my post saying (common inserts (BV<$5) for a JSY/Auto Card high end card) and i made it sound like i was looking for cards with a BV $25 and over. What I meant was, inserts and rookies with $5-10BVish for just common JSY cards (ud game jerseys)(Not SR#) between $10-$15, $20 tops. I learned last year buying hobby boxes for the first time that if you want high end, its gonna cost money. Sorry about that. So i'm looking to build a collection on just these guys Zetterberg, Datsyuk , Lidstrom and Damien Brunner (starting whenever the first set released has his RC).
    So i added all the jsy cards i have to my inventory, do ya think id be able to make some decent trades with those? or are these still pretty much low end?
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    Some might but most won't. Just need to find the right person that will.
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    i screwed up when i started and check PC for every card. i want every one of my cards available to trade, does that mean i have to edit every one individualy or can i do it all at once?

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    I have two questions: first, I want to use the inventory tracker for a trade, but the person who created the trade didn't use it. Can I add Inventory tracking to the trade? I already approved the trade, so is it possible to add at this point?

    Second question: I decided to give it a shot, and hit TOUT on some of the cards that I am trading away in this trade, and they're getting added to the Inventory Tracker from a trade that was completed almost a month ago.

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    There is only one possible active pre trade. So if you are working on a new one, create it first and when you create a new one then it become active. If you work on many, each time you want to add cards go check wich one is active and set the one you work on as active. This is done in the trade manager you will either have current active trade or set this trade active so if the trade you are working on does not exist, create one like when you create a trade but select the second trade type otption. The fact the other person does not use the inventory mean nothing as this is only done for you only. So create a pre-trade select the trade in and out cards and if the trade already exist grab the Trade ID number and enter it in the pre trade on the bottom right of it. You will see a box to enter a existing trade ID to ty it to the trade.
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    I was trying to complete the date I received cards in a trade and I accidentally filled the date in the wrong space (should be creator). The trade status says waiting for creator to complete, even though I clicked on trade complete, how do I complete the trade on my side now?

    Thank you.
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    Trade is complete now, disregard my question.

    Thank you.

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