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    looking to trade/sell a marcus camby auto....

    its a skybox emerald camby auto bv40. im asking for $10 or willing to trade
    lmk if interested

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    What are you looking for in trade? I am very interested!

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    im a huge fan of gary sheffield, joey harrington, arotse pinner. if u have anything of either of these players

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    Can it be Pistoncards? I've got a bunch of Grant Hill in Pistons uniform.

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    no if it was pistons it would have to be current pistons

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    i really dont want base. id rather not trade for pistons but instead gary sheffield, artose pinner, shaun alexander, joey harrington gu/auto. or i would sell for $10

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    it's my brothers he was reading what i said he's on scs here it is ud evoltion 01/02 gued jersey of feild lmk

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