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    My TRADELIST *UPDATED*(gu,rookies,autos,inserts)TAKE A LOOK!

    Topps Heritage Original Six Relics Chris Osgood (white) book value=15.00
    Topps Premier Plus Game-Used Memorabilia Taylor Pyatt (purple) book value=20.00

    Bowman YoungStars Relics Paul Mara (black) book value=10.00

    Private Stock Game Gear:
    Oleg Tverdovsky (white) book value=12.00
    Byron Dafoe (40% black/60% white) book value=18.00
    Alexei Zhamnov (white) book value=12.00
    Jamie McLennan (white) book value=12.00
    Bobby Holik (red) book value=12.00
    Kevin Stevens (white) book value=12.00

    Titanium Double-Sided Jerseys Bertuzzi/Morrison (black/black) book value=15.00

    BAP First Edition Jerseys Mika Noronen (white) book value=25.00
    Pacific Jerseys Roman Turek (blue) book value=12.00
    Pacific Jerseys Holo-Silver Jukka Hentunen (black) (numbered 26/40) book value=25.00
    book value=20.00
    UD Vintage Jerseys Paul Kariya (green) book value=40.00

    Upper Deck Game Jerseys:
    Brett Hull (red) book value=15.00
    Brian Boucher (white) book value=10.00

    Rookies, Numbered, Inserts and Autos
    O-Pee-Chee Joe Sakic book value=12.00

    Stadium Club Marian Gaborik book value=10.00

    Private Stock Ilja Bryzgalov (numbered 286/414) book value=20.00
    UD Playmakers Josef Boumedienne (numbered 0073/1250) book value=6.00

    Bowman YoungStars Gold Alexander Svitov (numbered 010/250) book value=8.00
    Stadium Club P-M Bouchard book value=15.00
    Stadium Club Jason Spezza book value=20.00
    Titanium Retail Tom Koivisto (numbered 0526/1475) book value=?

    P-M Bouchard
    Alexander Frolov
    Alexander Svitov
    Jason Spezza
    Jay Bouwmeester
    Ales Hemsky
    Rick Nash
    Chuck Kobasew
    Stanislav Chistov

    Topps Chrome:
    Shawn Thornton
    Jeff Paul
    Lasse Pirjeta
    Adam Hall X2
    Mikael Tellqvist
    Tomi Pettinen
    Radovan Somik
    Jordan Leopold

    Topps Chrome Refractors:
    Shawn Thornton
    Dennis Seidenberg
    Alexander Svitov

    Upper Deck Young Guns Alexander Svitov book value=30.00

    Finest Centurion Mattias Ohlund (154/500) book value=12.00
    Finest Futures Finest Refractors Brendan Morrison (038/150) bookvalue=8.00
    Upper Deck Lord Stanley's Heroes Quantum 1 Joe Sakic (1776/2000) book value=5.00
    Upper Deck Profiles Quantum 1 Jaromir Jagr (0136/1500) book value=10.00
    Upper Deck Year of the Great One Quantum 2 Wayne Gretzky (96/99)book value=150.00

    Private Stock Gold Kris Beech (074/106) book value=?

    Stadium Club Proofs Brendan Shanahan (004/250) book value=3.00
    Titanium Blue Tyler Arnason (333/450) book value=0.80
    Titanium Blue Pavel Bure (256/450) book value=1.20
    Topps Chrome Black Border Refractors Arthurs Irbe (017/100) book value=2.00

    Topps Patrick Roy book value=25.00

    Emotion generatioNext Tommy Salo book value=30.00

    Score Dream Team Patrick Roy book value=15.00

    Finest Double Sided Mystery Finest Brodeur/Roy book value=25.00
    Finest Double Sided Mystery Finest Yzerman/Shanahan book value=20.00
    Finest Red Lighters Steve Yzerman book value=20.00
    Upper Deck Generation Next Gretzky/Lecavalier book value=20.00
    Upper Deck Profiles Wayne Gretzky book value=20.00

    Topps Chrome Patrick Roy Reprints Refractors Patrick Roy (reprint of his RC) book value=12.00

    Swedish Upper Deck SHL Signatures Kristian Huselius book value=15.00
    Swedish Upper Deck SHL Signatures Jonas Johnson book value=5.00
    Swedish Upper Deck SHL Signatures Per Gustafsson book value=5.00

    Topps Premier Plus Private Signings Scott Gomez book value=20.00

    I am mainly looking for game-used,autos or numbered cards from the Montreal Canadians, Paul Kariya and Richard Zednik. I also would like some good rookies from this year or last year and I am looking for 2002-2003 Pacific jersey cards. Please help me out. Thanx

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    I have 2 cards you may be intrested in 02-03 Jagr(pacific GU) and (just pulled)P.Kariya 02-03 Royal Portraits (Crown Royale)

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    Hey. I could use these:
    Private Stock Bryzgalov RC
    SHL Sigs. Huselius
    Off the top of my head, here is some stuff I have:
    02-03 Pacific Jersey Theo Fleury
    01-02 UD Mask Pads Jose Theodore
    Let me know.

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    Would you be interested in Brian Savage (MTL) 2002 Signature Series Auto GOLD?

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    I have a Paul Kariya 02/03 BAP SS Gold Redemption (Not Redeemed).
    97/98 SPx Paul Kariya card # 1
    97/98 Pacific Paul Kariya Gold Crown Die Cuts Card # 1
    98/99 Aurora Atomic Laser Paul Kariya Card # 1
    98/99 Aurora Chamionship Fever Paul Kariya Card # 1
    95/96 Donruss Pro Pointers Paul Kariya Card # 19 of 20

    And a few more if your interested LMK.

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    Sorry guys/gals, been a little busy.

    mistyenforcer1970: What players/teams do you collect? PLMK

    hspelman33-30: How about my huselius for your fleury? PLMK

    GOSENSGO: Sorry, I already have that card. Thanx anyway.

    cardfrk: Can you please give me some info on this card: Paul Kariya 02/03 BAP SS Gold Redemption. What are the odds of getting it? What kind of card is it (insert/gu/sign.)? PLMK. Thanx

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    interested in the Gaborik RC, i have a 02-03 UD Artistic Impressions Retrospective Gold Paul Kariya /25 $100
    Maybe We Can Make A Bigger Trade If Your Interested

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    cujoluva: I'm interrested in that card. What do you collect? PLMK. Thanx


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