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    the rookie of the year

    Who do u think the rookie of the year should be if the voting ended today. my pick goes to melo.

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    Mine is for Carmelo

    Nuggets are so much more improved this year over last year, and he's done a great job

    Cavs haven't done crap; Lebron is a fantastic player, but not ROY

    still have plenty of time to change that

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    No Competition, it is Mello because he has led the bottom dwelling Nuggets to a respectable record and is having an excellant year for a rookie. LeBron is good statwise but the Cavs are not a big improvement over last year yet.

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    When you compare the stats, LeBron is going to be more all around with a higher scoring average. That will win the ROY

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    it will be like steve and elton a while back.....by the time da season is over..lebron stat line will be.........he will be a only player in da league 2 average 23points 7 boards, and seven asisst......that will make him rooki of da year..plus da fact da nba will want 2 keep his hype up....mello reminds me of a young glen robinson...wit a lil betta attitude....

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