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Thread: Los Angeles Kings

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    Los Angeles Kings

    Decided to work on another project....Trying to collect a card of every player to play for the Kings (preferrably in a Kings Uni) - Any card (base preferred)

    There has been about 530 players to play in at least 1 game for the Kings...

    So Far I have 155/530 - This weekend I will post what players I am looking for....but if you have old Kings Cards from 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's....Let me know

    There is even a card that has a player in a Kings Uniforn (on the card) but never played a single game for them....Can you guess who?????

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    Here is the list of Kings cards in Alphabetical Order I still need - As you can see it is alot - Probably will not get all of them but need cards with these players in Kings Jerseys....Base Preferred

    Dennis Abgrall
    Jim Anderson
    Ron Anderson
    Russ Anderson
    Dave Babych
    Ryan Bach
    Blair Barnes
    Marco Baron
    Fred Barrett
    Doug Barrie
    Len Barrie
    Ruslan Batyrshin
    Ken Baumgartner
    Derek Bekar
    Ken Belanger
    Jean-Claude Bergeron
    Nick Beverley
    Mike Blake
    Rick Blight
    Dan Brennan
    Rich Brennan
    Neal Broten
    Jim Brown
    Sean Burke
    Mike Byers
    Bryan Campbell
    Brian Carlin
    Steve Carlson
    Jacques Caron
    Larry Carriere
    Anson Carter
    Frederic Chabot
    Rene Chapdelaine
    Rick Chartraw
    Marc Chorney
    Mathieu Chouinard
    Shane Churla
    Steve Clippingdale
    Mike Corbett‡
    Bob Corkum
    Marcel Cousineau
    Jeff Cowan
    Rob Cowie
    Bart Crashley
    Doug Crossman
    Gary Croteau
    Troy Crowder
    Phil Crowe
    Dan Currie
    Glen Currie
    Kevin Dallman
    Ab DeMarco
    Nathan Dempsey
    Gerry Desjardins
    Peter Dineen
    Paul DiPietro
    Ted Donato
    Dick Duff
    Marc Dufour
    Donald Dufresne
    Ron Duguay
    Darryl Edestrand
    Darren Eliot
    Mikko Eloranta
    John English
    Mark Fitzpatrick
    Ryan Flinn
    Gerry Foley
    Marc Fortier
    Dave Gans
    Scott Garland
    Eric Germain
    Barry Gibbs
    John Gibson
    Pierre Giroux
    Bob Gladney
    Ron Grahame
    Dan Gratton
    Terry Gray
    Lucien Grenier
    Brent Grieve
    Scott Gruhl
    Paul Guay
    Len Hachborn
    Bob Halkidis
    Gilles Hamel
    Ken Hammond
    Alan Hangsleben
    Glenn Healy
    Mark Heaslip
    Mike Heidt
    Steve Heinze
    Peter Helander
    Jamie Heward
    Larry Hillman
    Milan Hnilicka
    Phil Hoene
    Jim Hofford
    Dale Hoganson
    Jason Holland
    Warren Holmes
    Randy Holt
    Dean Hopkins
    Doug Houda
    Ken Houston
    Don Howse
    Bill Huard
    Brent Hughes
    Bill Inglis
    Ulf Isaksson
    Tim Jackman
    Wes Jarvis
    Dean Jenkins
    Al Jensen
    Trevor Johansen
    Jim Johnson
    Larry Johnston
    Doug Keans
    John-Paul Kelly
    Steve Kelly
    Dean Kennedy
    Brian Kilrea
    Tom Kostopoulos
    Nathan LaFayette
    Bob Laforest
    Dave Langevin
    Rick Lapointe
    Denis Larocque
    Steve Larouche
    Gary Laskoski
    Craig Laughlin
    Eric Lavigne
    Grant Ledyard
    Jacques Lemieux
    Igor Liba
    Bob Logan
    Don Luce
    Morris Lukowich
    Adam Mair
    Dan Maloney
    Chris Marinucci
    Mike Marson
    Rick Martin
    Markus Mattsson
    Chris McAlpine
    Wayne McBean
    Alyn McCauley
    Shawn McCosh
    Al McDonough
    Hubie McDonough
    Mike McEwen
    Sean McKenna
    Steve McKenna
    Brian McReynolds
    Howie Menard
    Bill Mikkelson
    Bob Miller
    Carl Mokosak
    Bob Mongrain
    Dave Morrison
    Jim Moxey
    Bryan Muir
    Paul Mulvey
    Rob Murphy
    Jim Murray
    Marty Murray
    Victor Nechayev
    Bob Nevin
    Brad Norton
    Kai Nurminen
    Billy O'Dwyer
    Jim Paek
    Paul Pageau
    Dave Pasin
    Steve Passmore
    Joe Paterson
    Lyle Phair
    Jason Podollan
    Poul Popiel
    Barry Potomski
    Jean Potvin
    Marc Potvin
    Noel Price
    Sean Pronger
    Erik Rasmussen
    Matt Ravlich
    Steve Richmond
    Doug Robinson
    Randy Robitaille
    Leon Rochefort
    Randy Rota
    Jim Rutherford
    Wayne Rutledge
    Terry Sawchuk
    Kevin Schamehorn
    Chris Schmidt
    Dave Schultz
    Ron Scott
    Howard Scruton
    Steve Seguin
    Brad Selwood
    Brandy Semchuk
    Eddie Shack
    Bobby Sheehan
    Steve Short
    Steve Shutt
    Gary Simmons
    Al Sims
    Billy Smith
    Brian Smith
    Dennis Smith
    Jerred Smithson
    Brent Sopel
    Lorne Stamler
    Jim Stanfield
    Martin Strbak
    Phil Sykes
    Patrice Tardif
    Greg Terrion
    Scott Thomas
    Dave Thomlinson
    Jim Thomson
    Tim Tookey
    Brock Tredway‡
    John Tripp
    Denis Tsygurov
    Al Tuer
    Ian Turnbull
    Dean Turner
    Rob Valicevic
    Mark Visheau
    Tomas Vlasak
    Don Waddell
    Gordie Walker
    Russ Walker
    Jason Ward
    Mike Weaver
    Jim Wiemer
    Brian Wilks
    Darryl Williams
    Brian Willsie
    Bert Wilson
    Murray Wilson
    Jim Witherspoon
    Bob Woytowich
    Doug Zmolek
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    Chris -

    I'll look tonight to see what I have to add into what we already working on.

    I have a Tim Gleason SOTT AU from 05-06 in a Kings Uni. in my quick look

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    ok - Let me know what you ahve and we will work on a deal...

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    I have a Esa Pirnes 03-04 Black Diamond RC, do you need it? If you do, I'll also check my binders for other players on your list.

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    Let me know what you ave and we can work on a dela

    What do you I can start looking....

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    I will be able to help you, even with the vintage. Have you got very much to trade of either Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto?

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    Shoot, I didn't find any other players for you :(.

    I'm looking for these (copy-pasted from my site):
    1. 02-03 Parkhurst Retro Minis #239 Mike Komisarek
    2. 02-03 Stadium Club Lone Star Signatures Blue versions (need 11/14)
    3. Mario Lemieux and Marc-André Fleury cards

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    got these

    luce (leaf uni)
    garland (leaf uni)
    williams tom

    lmk by pm

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