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    New Lot..G\Us, RCs, SP+++ $90=$lot f\t @20-30% of bv

    OK, I have had very good luck with this in the past, so I'll try again. I have the Following lot for trade. The total bv is around or a little over $90. I'll trade the entire lot for ine $20-30 g\u, auto or rc I like (fb, bb or bkb).
    heres the lot, let me know what ya got:

    02-03 Authentix Elton Brand Ripped jsy bv $15
    03-04 Fleer Tradition Marcus Banks Throwback Threads jsy bv $15
    & a couple of Steve Nash base cards

    03 Honor Roll Emmitt Smith SP bv $8
    03 Honor Roll Chris Simms SP rc bv $8
    03 Honor Roll Taylor Jacobs Silver SP RC bv $8
    Topps Todd Heap RC
    03 Honor roll rcs of
    Justin Gage
    LaTerance Dunbar
    Kevin Curtis
    Taco Wallace
    George Wrighster
    Mike Seidman
    Mike Pinkard
    Sidees Shabazz
    Andrew Williams
    03 Honor Roll base
    Moss, Rice Harrington,Bledsoe, Brady, Warner, Johnson, Warrick, Breez & Pennington

    03 Diamond Kings

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