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    Looking for Maggette Autos & Question on BV of Elton Brand Card

    I am looking for certified Corey Maggette autos.

    What is the BV on this:
    1999-00 SPX Elton Brand RC BGS 8.5


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    hey dodgerfan-ide be intrested in the brand card if its your...

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    Yea, I own that card. What do you have to offer? Anyone have any Maggette autos or Graded Maggette RCs?
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    only maggette i have is a maggette warm up...2001 upper deck ovation #cm

    anything else your looking for

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    no thanks, only interested in maggette autos

    For the Brand rc, I would want another graded rc. lmk

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    i still have the autographics...any interest in it for the lowell? you never gave me a final decision on the proposal


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    you never asked me to send you one, just if i had it
    ill send you a PM if i get a pic up onto my site


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