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Thread: 1910 honus wagner tobacco card

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    1910 honus wagner tobacco card

    im not really sure on how much this card is worth. its about 1 1/2"x2 1/2" it just has a picture of him on the front and it says wagner,pittsburg on the bottom. on the back it says

    honus wagner
    value $100,000.00
    1910 tobacco card

    "while other cards may be scarcer(about 20 exist), none more valuable. Honus wagner, who was anti smoking. did not want anyone to buy tobacco products just to obtain his picture on a card. he legally forced the tobacco firsms to take his card off the market, but some cards got into circulation"

    can someone please help me and tellme how much they think this card is worth? thank you very much jerry

  2. Kronozio
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    it's probably a reprint unless you had it authenticated.

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    is the reprint worth anything? no i didnt get it apraised yet

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    usually reprints aren't worth a dang, unless there a major brand and they are part of a insert set

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    I know what you have. If the back has a red box at the top and the lower portion is in white and it describes what it is, and the current value, it is from a reprint set issued by Larry Fritsch cards several years ago, I'm guessing in the mid 80's....Hope this helps

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    hemib yea thats it but do you know how much its worth?

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    The Wagner card is about $5. I've seen it sell for 1-2 on Ebay, but not in a long time. There are 3 different Wagner reprints (different companies). They all book for around 5 each.

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