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Thread: Best pull of my life....

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    Talking Best pull of my life....

    i posted this in the basketball forum, but i wanted to post it here too because im so excited about what i pulled....i bought a box of this years spx (basketball)....i pulled a Michael Jordan flashback fabrics autographed jersey! i almost fell over when i saw it. scan is in my post in the basketball forum.

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    and the BV of this card?

    now, for reality

    how much is someone willing to pay for it?

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    Are you planning to sell this? You could probably get a pretty penny for this on Ebay!

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    ^^this one is at $621 with almost a full day left. i saw another go for $700.....but im going to hold onto mine for a while.

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    Congrats. I would sell that baby in a heartbeat, but that's just me!

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    Looking for Hines Ward stuff, 2013 Topps Archives Gold, and Football HOF autos.

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    Yeah I would sell and then buy more SPX lol. Man what that would be like to pull a card of that caliber. Great pull.

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    Amazing pull. Hopefully someday we can all pull something like that.

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