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Thread: Today's buys and mail

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    Today's buys and mail

    I went to the local card show again. I didn't go last week and I didn't spend that much today (more disciplined for a change) so I was content.
    This is what I got:

    03-04 Bowman
    Chrome rookies and commons (two weeks ago)
    Rookie Recall jerseys - Malone, Brand
    Franchise Fabrics - Leandrinho Barbosa
    Sophomore Strands - Marco Jaric, Caron Butler

    I am working on that set, trying to get as many as I can afford. Still need a few Bowman Chrome cards.
    I also bought:
    03-04 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Chris Bosh RC/799($20Cdn=$15U.S.) BV is $25U.S.
    03-04 Topps inserts - JC Rasheed Wallace, HZ Ricky Davis

    Last but not least I got a package in the mail. It was my purchase off ebay. It was a binder of 105 02-03 Topps Chrome white border refractors including Shaq, Jordan, Kobe, McGrady and Ginobilli. I am trying to complete this set so I was very glad to get this especially since I got a good deal - only $50.00 U.S. plus shipping.
    I now have some more doubles to trade if anyone wants including Jordan, Carter and McGrady.
    Here is my site:

    Good luck to all

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    that white refractor lot is probably the best! thats amazing. the ginobli alone would go for what? $25? then jordan and the rest would net at least 60 or 70
    great deal on that!

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    That was quite an amazing deal for the white refractors.... congrats!

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    THanks guys. I was just browsing ebay and came across it. I only need about 20 more for the set now.
    Happy New Year

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    Great Pickups!! Hey did you get a double of Parker in the White Refractor binder? If so, is it for trade? PLMK Thanks. And I also couldnt help but wonder, what other cards do you need to complete your 03-04 Topps set? I might be of some assistance if you need any as I have many of the cards from that set. PLMK Thanks

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