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    I need clinton portis michael vick and ladanian tomlinson rc's

    I am willing to trade some jersey cards and some insert cards for rookies of these three players.

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    Hey buddy
    I think ihave some RC's of players u might be interested in
    Check itout and let me know
    I add cards daily
    Hope you can find soemthing

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    i have the following rc
    02 ovation portis rc bv25
    02 upper deck portis rc bv25
    01 fleer tradition game time rookie retro threads gu ball ladainian tomlinson bv30.

    i am looking for guys in my sig, aaron brooks, dirk nowitzki, and josh howard. lmk

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    Hey Danesuj.. welcome to the board. Odds are this thread will probly be moved to the football trading forum located just a bit farther down on SCF's forum homepage. The mods/advisors prefer that people put what ever they want to do with trading or selling football cards in the football trading forum

    enjoy your stay here


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    yup, agree with Jay

    and moving it

    please post all buy/sell/trade in the TRADING FORUM


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