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    Anyone Have These Players Autographs? Willing to PAY CASH/TRADE!!!

    These are the autos im looking for:

    If anyone has anything of these guys pay cash (preferred)...or would trade

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    A. Jones

    I have a 2003 UD Play Ball Game Used Memorabilia Tier 2 Signatures Andruw Jones Jsy books for $100 it is 20/50. Make me an offer.

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    u like anything from me- if u could list wut u like- i could throw in cash maybe with a card u like

    lmk- if not lmk about a range u want for the card- becuz i am bad at makin offers

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    Any autographs

    I am basically looking for any autograph cards. I looked on your site and I like the 2003 SPx Mark Prior. Let me know if you would like to trade that or if you have anything else that you would like to trade.

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    dont really wanna trade prior for jones- if u dont like anything else- lmk a ballpark range of wut ud want to sell for

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    I have a Jones auto for trade..

    2000 SP Buyback BV $25...Any interest?

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    yep, im interested in that too- im guessin its andruw right?- id take either one, but how much u sellin for?

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    Its Andruw...I'd like to trade it for any of these:

    2000 M.Ramirez UD Ionix Auto
    2000 Giambi SP Authentic Chirography Auto

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    idk- id prefer to sell it becuz that manny is sellin for like 16 lmk wut ur price is

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    The Andruw sells for $15-20....

    They both book for $25 don't they?

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