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    ladainian tomlinson gu for trade

    hey everyone i have an 03 avant ladainian tomlinson gu jsy card #'d /250. ill put the number up later, im not at home right now. but lmk if you interested. i would like anything nice of ken dorsey, peyton manning, randy moss, or tim rattay. lmk, thanks.

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    I really like the card check my site please

    I have a peyton manning 2003 fleer platinum "alma materials "

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    iced: i posted it on your thread but you never responded back.

    ill check your guys' sites.

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    hehateme: sorry, didnt see anything, thanks for the reply

    steelersrock: sorry, didnt see anything. thanks though.

    just so everyone knows i am really looking for nice ken dorsey cards, rcs, gu, autos. that is my main focus right now. ill take a look at other stuff to though.

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