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    Looking for playoff contenders clinton portis.

    Willing to put up alot for it.

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    I know a guy who has it, but it's the sample version given out in beckett. It's just as rare, if not more rare than the original. In beckett, they usually give out samples of all the cards from the set, and since portis wasn't a hugely popular guy before the 2002 season, they probably didn't make too many of these. Want me to see if he'd be willing to trade it to you?

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    sure see if he can get me a picture of it. Its supposed to be autographed. I had no idea they put them in beckett

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    it's not autographed. I doubt they put autos into beckett :D

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    thats what I thought. I want the one with one. Thanks though.

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    well russ, i already told you i have one, but i found one that you might be able to get kinda cheap on ebay...bids are at like $125 as of now, but heres the link

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