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    Made a page for my Donruss Needs..

    Check it out and see if you can help..

    base/inserts..LMK what you have
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    1998 SP Chirography Andruw Jones Auto BV $25

    1998 Bowman's Best Chipper Jones Auto BV $40
    dont got any ogf those- but would u sell these lmk prices

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    i have 79 81 99 175 180 and i also have a 2004 donruss marcus giles career stat line 084/287. PLMK if you have anyone on my wantlist or roy halladay and eric hinske, THANKS!

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    neil..I can pay a good portion of CC for those..I don't really have any of your wants..LMK...even if it is just for the Giles..

    I can use ANY Insert..
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    well make me an offer in cc, the giles is the only insert i really have. PLMK!

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    How about 75 CC Shipped for the Giles..

    If not, Make me a counter offer..

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