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    Will trade my Carmelo Bowman Chrome RC for one nice Mark Brunell auto or very low #'d.

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    i have a mark brunnell autographed bible card. it has a sticker on the back of the card that says authentic signature. i got it by sending a letter to brunnell c/o team. i don't know if you want it. lmk.

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    dmiles - I'm interested in it, but I wouldn't trade the Carmelo for it. LMK what you collect and I'll see what I have.

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    i don't really collect basketball and you have any baseball stuff?

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    Very little as I'm trying to get rid of it. LMK what you want and approximate BV and I'll see what I have left.

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    since you don't have that much baseball, do u have any certified autographs of basketball or football to trade?

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    I've got a Kevin Williams Bowmans Best RC AU (Vikings rookie) I just pulled a couple days ago, that's it.

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