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    My list is updated..Need 04 Donruss..

    LMK if you can help me out..I just updated my list..Looking for base and inserts.

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    There has to be someone with just one of them...

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    cbet... oo i cant wait to ge thome to help u out.. i got quite a lot of base cards alos (nto gu) lol. base lol... Ill hook u up man... can u get me some braves rookies lol... jk...

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    I have the following 2004 Donruss not on your list on your site:
    (not in order,sorry):

    PM me your address and I'll have them in the mail for you tomorrow.


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    Billsfan...LMK what you get..

    Knight302.....Thanks! That is very generous of you...PM coming

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    Thanks to Knight.....I'm now 45% done...Anyone else wanna help me out...i can trade/buy with CC...Just lmk

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    Thanks to Jeremybaseball..I just got 3 more and am now up to a whopping 46% Complete(184/400)!! As you can see I'm still a long ways away....I even got another insert.

    My site has now been updated:

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    I've got some CC to spend now so LMK if you have anything of Donruss(Base that I need) or inserts, I'm willing to pay a good chunk for it.

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