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    2 GU bats to trade for hockey gu or auto

    1-2001/2002Fleer Delgato GU bat
    1-Flair 2001/2002 Sheffield GU bat power tools

    Looking for hockey in return

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    Who is Mike Eurzione,is this hockey,I am looking for 2 hockey GU or autoes in return.Thanks

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    What a sad day it is in American History when a hockey collector doesn't even know who Mike Eruzione is....boy we sure live in a what have you done for me lately

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    hm...thought you would've heard of him..lake placid olympic team from 1980 i believe? he was the captain. This one is worth a little bit. The Sheffield only books $8 and the delgado around the same. Check him out here:

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    No thanks on that card.Thanks for looking though

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