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    Michael Finley insert lot bv $80+ f\t @ 20-30% of bv

    Looking for a $15-20fb, bb or bkb Auto, g\u or rc I like for this lot. bv os over $80
    Chrome Zone Busters
    Zone Busters refractor
    Skybox Metal Emerald
    TSC Members choice
    UD3 Jam Masters
    UD Highway 99
    UD Touch the Sky
    UD Next Wave
    Ultra Swing Shift
    Fleer Premium Intimadators
    2 Diff Star Quest
    Ultimate Victory Surface to air
    Flar Hardwood Leaders
    98-99 $ 01-02 Ultra Gold Medalions
    Fleer Force Attack force
    UD Aerodynamics
    UD Pros & Prospects Pro Active
    Hoops Talkin Hoops
    SPX Copper
    Topps Gold Label class 1 & 2
    Topps Fantastic 5
    Chrome Apparitions
    Black Diamond Double Diamond
    Five Sport Silver Sig
    Finest Masters Embosed
    EX 2000
    EX Century
    UD Now Showing
    Topps Soarers
    Chrome Soarers
    PLMK & Thanks,

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