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    Superbowl Ring (how much is it worth?)

    I have a Superbowl ring. It is smaller than the ones the players get. I was told it was given to a massage therapist that worked for the Denver Broncos organization.

    It is dated Jan 1990 and has the Denver Boncos on one side and the SF 49ers on the other.

    Does anyone know where I can get info on this ring (i.e. is it authentic, how much is it worth, etc.)??

    Thanks for your help,

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    Wow! That's sweet! I think it would have a minimum value of the gold and diamonds with a Max value only being capped by what someone is willing to pay (which I imagine could vary at any given time).

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    That's definitely a piece you should find a reputable appraiser for to find out its authenticity and value.

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    and after that I would throw it on ebay and let the world decide, and it is a broncos ring too. but before you do that I have a local hobby shop owner that is in love with the broncos, he would trade in your favor or pay you, if he was interested...

    by the way, do you have a pic of it, I would love to see it and it would be good for insurance purposes as well.

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    If it doesn't mean anything to you then sell it for BIG $$$$$$ lol

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    Leave it up to Ryan to find it on ebay LOL, Nice piece of memoralbilia if your looking to get the cash I say sell it if not wait until the Broncos have a great season and then sell it for more LOL....

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