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Thread: Whats a great box to Buy

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    Whats a great box to Buy

    I need a new colector...and i want to buy a box........i wnat two one thats gonna give me my best bargain for my buck...then i wnat 2 know which box to order to get they great rare..expensive cards.....i want 2 know whats da best box....for this year my money can buy..i want the expensive lebrons, carmello, and darko

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    i have not bought one yet but intend to soon. this would be bowman rookies and stars. you can get for as low as $85 i have seen. depending on what one you get the lebrons and carmelo rookies in the box book for atleast $25. bought a pack awhile back and pulled a gold rookie of carmelo which books for $40. theres plenty of jerseys of the rookies also and autos as your guaranteed one autograph and jersey card in every box (not a rookie jersey or auto though). refractors of cards are low numbered and if you were to get one of lebron or carmelo they will be booking very high. i think this is your best bet of a box.

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    I was pleased with Flair. I got 2 rookies (Lebron and Kendrick Perkins) and 3 GU (one was a patch /50) and 1 auto. All other people I know of who have gotten Flair were happy with what they got.

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    I want the cards that will be woth the mose in da future..i will only collect from that set..cause there are 2 many editions bein put...

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    I have been pleased with Press Pass and Upper Deck.

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    i wouldnt recomment press pass if your only going to collect 1 brand, because the cards are photos usually from college...but they're not recognized as RCs when it comes to pricing.

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    I would either go with Topps Rookies & Stars or wait for the release of Topps Chrome (if there will be one this year). Topps R&S is quality and Topps Chrome is always good. Dont go with Press Pass if you want value.
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    even though topps is cheap I pulled out of three boxes a Tim Duncan jersey, Brent Barry auto, Ken Johnson Auto, and a Kirk Hinrich auto, many rookies too

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    There will be a Topps Chrome this year (comes out mid-February). Press Pass is not very desirable by most collectors standards.

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