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    Is Bowman Rookie and Stars a good box to buy?

    I think it but I am not sure. What is come stuff you guys got from it? If this isn't name some good boxes to buy then and what did you get in it. I got buy one for up to I think $120-$150.

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    its a great buy..but u can get the box for like 85 bucks.....u will always get ya money's worth....cause u get 4 regular cards, 2 chrome, and one gold atleast per pack.....i bought a box....and i got all da big rookies....and atleast 3 GU card's even though i hate those/..unless it has an auto on it...

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    It is a great box!!! It is probably my favorite set so far this year. So yes buy it. If you get dupes of stuff like LeBron or Mello though I would sell them or trade them. Just me though.

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    Its my favorite basketball product so far, and I have been buying boxes at local shows for as low as $75, but usually $80-$85. I have pulled several chrome LeBron's and Carmelo's, and a Gold Chrome Refractor # to 50 of Carmelo (currently on its way to PSA). Nice stuff.

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    Sorry i am a new collector....i know i might be a fool...But what is PSA...and y do pople send stuff to PSA..and whats da value..of sendin somethin o PSA

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    PSA is a grading service for sports cards (and other sports collectables), and they have the best reputation in the business for grading quality. If you have a high grade RC, or a particularly nice vintage card, it enhances the value of the card if it grades highly. There is a lot more to this, go here:
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