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Thread: Who is good In Baseball

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    Question Who is good In Baseball

    I just started collecting baseball cards and was wondering who I shoukd keep or trade for besides Barry Bonds?

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    Willis Pujols Blalock Prior those are off top of my head

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    Teixeira too. He is gonna be good. Probably gonna be a 30 homer 100 RBI guy in a year or 2.

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    you should start of your collection with rookies like jose reyes, brandon larson, john vanbenschoten, etc...Some of these rookies might become stars in the majors.

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    I forgot about Jose Reyes. He had a great rookie and would definately be a guy to collect. You might give Joe Mauer a shot too.

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    Alfonso Soriano, Mark Prior, Rich Harden, Miguel Cabrera and for the distant future Scott Kazmir.

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