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    I have 25.00 Pay Pal, How many gu's will you give me?

    I have 25.00 dollars in my pay pal , how many game used and auto's will somebody sell me???


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    i will give you two chris chambers jerseys for $15

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    LD08- No thanks, I'm looking to get all i can , just not one or two.


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    ICED CARDS- I'm not looking for a certain player, they can be anybody, (as long as i dont have them) I'm trying to get as many as possable for 25.00 pay pal...

    Why dont you sell me about 20 gu's, I know you got them LOL..

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    ICED CARDS-- I can get more than 6 or 7 on Ebay, you make it 10 and tell me what they are and you got a deal...

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    there is no way u can get 10 on ebya (with shipping) for 25 bux no offense... 6 or 7 is a great deal imo

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    here's nine i'll give you
    3 x Tim Carter/Josh Reed 2002 Playoff Honors Rookie Tandems Ball
    DeShaun Foster Bowman's Best Jersey RC
    Champ Bailey 1999 Edge 1st Place Hologold Game Gear Ball
    David Boston 2000 Fleer Genuine Coverage
    David Boston 2002 Upper Deck First Team Fabrics
    Anthony Thomas 2002 Fleer Box Score Press Clippings
    Corey Dillon 2002 Flair Franchise Favorites

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    ive got 9 including 2 with 2 colors and 1 that is a dual jersey card

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