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Thread: 2003 UD Golf

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    2003 UD Golf

    Is anyone excited about the 2003 UD Golf set? There are cool redemptions, jerseys, and autographs and I can't wait to buy a few boxes. Anyone else excited?


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    i got 2 boxes...technically i got 4 cuz i pulled 2 free box well as a dual and triple gu'd...july 7th is my date im waiting for...2003 spa golf comes out..and then in august UD rendetitions comes out :)

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    I've seen go on ebay for as low as $40-$45. The sp authentics however go for around $80-$100.

    But man I heard you get like a memorabilia card and 3 autographs guaranteed out of the sp authentic box (2 rookies, one random)

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