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    possible trade

    03 UD Patch collection all pro performers #154 of Tomlinson bv $6.
    02 Private Stock Titanium Post Season #120 of Tomlinson serial #265/435 bv $15.
    I am interested in these.

    Priest Holmes 2002 Topps "Pro Bowl" Jersey

    Kliff Klinsbury 2003 Sage autographs red #D520/675

    Juan Dixon 2003 Bowman Rookies & Stars "Sophmore Strands"

    Tracy McGrady 2003 Bowman Rookies and Stars "Rookie Recall" Jersey
    lmk if we can make a trade

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    No, I only do jersey for jersey, sorry, plus I have to take down the juan dixon because i already traded it.

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    The UD Patch collection if a jersey patch card, but not actuall game used.
    The Titanium is a game used jersey card.

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