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    Please help! Will trade HEAVILY in your favor

    Im looking for multiple copies of card #31 Andre Royal 1997 Pacific Philadelphia and parallels ie. gold, copper, silver and red. He was with the Panthers.
    This is a very good friend of mine who played in the NFL for 5 or 6 years but only appeared in 1 set. I would really appreciate anyone who has some commons from this set to look through what you have and Ill trade HEAVILY in your favor. As I know its a common and has virtually no book value. I would also be willing to buy Unopened packs or boxes of 1997 Pacific Philadelphia.

    Thanks for your time

    Also looking for 2002 rookies of Freddie Milons and Jason McAddley

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    Id like the Milons and The Samuels we talked about earlier have a look at my trade page and see if you see anything you like

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    Come on nobody is willing to look through some commons to help someone out?
    Ill make it worth your time.


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