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    ps2 and gamecube video games for trade for baseball cards


    twisted metal black
    silent hill 2
    nfl 2k3
    star wars bounty hunter
    jak and dakter
    medal of hommor frontline
    tony hawk 3
    mlb slugfest 2004
    star wars clone wars
    mortal kombat deadly alliance
    simpsons skateboarding
    gta vice city
    james bond agent under fire
    turok evolution
    splinter cell

    rogue leader rpgue squadron 2
    animal crossing
    tony hawk 4
    super mario sunshine
    soul calibur 2
    pac man 2

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I am assuming these aren't new are they? Do they come with case and instructions? What condition are they in?
    Let me know.I may be interested in the following PS2 games:
    gta vice city
    tony hawk 3
    mlb slugfest 2004

    Let me know what you are looking for in return.Click my www to access my trade list.


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    What kind of BV are you looking for in return?

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    yea there in great cond.
    they have there cases and instructions
    looking for jeter game used or autos
    or like a bunch of yankee cards

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    Well...even though I don't have one, a Jeter auto is probably no less than $ can buy a game new for less than that...

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    Don't have any Jeter's of that nature.I could probably come up with some yankee's but they would be commons.

    Would you consider a 02/03 UD Superstars SG/WG/KB-L Green/Gretzky/Kobe Triple Jsy Card 048/250 BV $120.00 for the following games?:
    gta vice city
    tony hawk 3
    mlb slugfest 2004
    simpsons skateboarding

    Or take a look at my trade list at and see if anything interests you.


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    no sorry i only collect baseball but if you could send me a bunch of yankees dont have to equal to bv just tell me list of yankees
    thanks joel

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    I'm interested in Splinter Cell and maybe Silent Hill 2, I've got these 2 Jeters if your interested-

    99 SP Authentic Reflections Derek Jeter $20
    02 Leaf Burn n' Turn Jeter/Soriano $25

    Let me know....Thanks

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    reply i just traded splintercell any other game
    thanks joel im intrested in both thanks

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    i like this one medal of honor frontline
    I have a alfonso soriano game used bat lmk pm me

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