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    Post Will trade singles for Dirk Nowitzki singles!!

    Im just going to try to build up the collection of Dirk including base cards, why not?.....

    Anyways list what base players you need in return.......

    I WILL NOT trade g/u or autos for the dirk base singles, only other singles........I will trade all sports, baseball/football/basketball.......

    Also try not to ask for players that only have like 2 cards out...

    I have tons of superstar/star cards, these are the ones I'd be willing to trade....

    Submit a list and ill let you know what I have....

    I have stuff like:

    Those are just examples....

    LMK what you have and what players you need.


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    03-04 ultra
    02-03 UD MVP Classics
    02-03 Topps Tandems w/finley
    03-04 fleer authentix
    01-02 fleer maximum
    01-02 fleer marquee
    02-03 fleer tradition road to the NBA
    03-04 UD Victory
    01-02 Fleer Genuine Unstoppable

    i collect former Indiana players or will trade for CC/sell

    Kirk Haston
    Jared Jeffries
    Jeff Newton
    AJ Guyton
    Isiah Thomas
    or 03-04 UD Victory Rookies

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    hmmm.......see guys like that are very hard to find.....

    I have mostly newer stuff......

    Those players you listed, the only one I've even ever heard of was Isiah Thomas.....

    I dont know any former Indiana players either.....

    Anybody need any new superstar/star cards?????

    I have all sports, im not only offering basketball for trade...
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    do you have a list of marbury inserts/base? i should be able to dig up enough dirks to cover what i need

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    i have 11 Dirk's
    6 Base
    4 Parralel's
    1 Nice insert

    Need Carter Base Cards or TMac Magic Base Cards


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    2001-2002 Topps TCC
    2001-2002 Topps TCC "Heroes Honor"
    2003-2004 Bowman

    2001-2002 Topps TCC "Heroes Honor
    2003-2004 Bowman "GOLD"
    2003-2004 Fleer Focus
    2000 Topps Team USA "GOLD" #31
    2000 Topps Team USA #31 (x3)
    2000 Topps Team USA #76 (x2)
    2000 Topps Team USA #55
    2000 Topps Team USA #

    2001-2002 Topps TCC
    2003-2004 Bowman
    2003-2004 Standing O

    Suprisingly thats all I found out of what I have without digging through boxes and boxes...

    LMK if you need any of those and which dirk cards you'll give me for them..

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    Check out my page. What have you got about Kobe Bryant?

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    2001-2002 Topps TCC
    2003-2004 Bowman

    Thats all I could find right now, Ill look for more later though...


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    i have a 2001-02 Fleer Focus Materialistic Away Dirk Nowitzki BV $40
    LMK if you are interested.
    i like your Sosa/Walker/Green/Gonzalez Quad Bat. also looking for UD prospect premieres and Bowman or Bowman Chrome 1st years.

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