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    Click on the little www icon below this message box to go to my huge wantlists. Let me know what you would like in trade!!

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    i have a 2002 playoff Piese of the game /250 brunell pr bowl used jersey also check my site n lmk if you see anything

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    lost soul

    you keep saying that but i found nothing on your site I need

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    i have a 2002 playoff Pieee of the game /250 brunell pro bowl used jersey also check my site n lmk if you see anything

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    Other players I need card/jersey of:

    Terrell Owens, Travis Henry, Randy Moss, Donovan McNabb

    2003 Pro Bowl: List of all 2003 pro bowl players who I need jerseys/cards of

    *Again I have listed the best available cards (according to the priority list below) I have seen so far for each player. Let me know if you have cards further up the priority list than the ones listed, but do not confuse with 2001 list.

    1.2003 Pro Bowl Jersey

    2.Most recent year Pro Bowl Jersey and then any Pro Bowl Jersey

    3.Any 2003 Jersey

    4.Any jersey

    5.2003 non-jersey pro bowl insert and then any pro bowl insert

    6.2003 Player card

    7.Again I am interested in autographed cards of these players as well.

    I have stuff from this section of your football wants...

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